Looking for anyone who does not want Czechoslovakian wolfdog to contact us we will take it

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Contact: Igor Povse
: 07831267636
: United Kingdom, Hertfordshire, London
: $0.00
Blue Scientists Wolfdogs rescue

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If you dont want to have your czechoslovakian wolfdog any more or if it is on your way or if you cant take care of him please contact us we can come and take it from you Please note we dont offer any money for rescuing your wolfdog but it is better to contact us then you keep your wolfdog to die there.
We offer full support to any wolfdogs around UK or Europe if you have any questions or any problems contact us at any time we are open 24/7 every day by phone Please give your wolfdog a chance and call us today or text us and we can call you back.
Help us to fight against cruelty against wolfdogs we offer to wolfdogs a heaven and relaxing time with our side where people are available 24/7 every day to help you with your problems call us no

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