FoxHound Treeing Walker mix

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Contact: Barbara Melton
: 9087522600
: United States, pa
: $325.00

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MEET MAGOO, a playful, handsome, affectionate, 16 month old Fox Hound mix who loves life! He is a happy boy and friendly towards most people and non dominant dogs.. He is big, but quite gentle. He has a melodious bark and occasionally bays and usually quiets upon command. Magoo is curious and a fast learner, Being a young active dog, he needs daily vigorous exercise-- long walks, jogging or playing in the yard with older children or another dog. He thinks a treat filled kong is one of the best ways to tell him you love him. Magoo loves spending time with his people curled up on the couch watching tv or taking a Sunday drive. He is a good boy that wants a loving family and a firm, calm confident pack leader.

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